Product details

The most intelligent automatic pet feeder for dogs and cats. The smart automatic dog & cat feeder is designed to help you take care of your pet 24/7, without much effort by yourself. It can be programmed in advance with different scheduled meals, controlled via app or voice interaction and has a backup battery (batteries not included) in case of a power outage. It is simple to use and very versatile – it can be used as a normal feeder or left outdoors (in case of an emergency) for your pets to get food on their own.


✅ Scheduled meal feeding - 4 times per day.

 Voice interaction - 10-second voice record automatically plays before meal feeding.

 Power adapter + battery powered in case of a power outage.

 Mobile app control.

 3.5L capacity.

✅ 1-20 meal potions per meal.

✅ Made with BPA- free plastic.

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